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Japanese clients came Tianhua for sulfamonomethoxine (sodium)

Time : 2016-06-30 Hits : 373

On the evening of June 28,2016,the procurement minister and quality minister of a Japanese customer flew from Shanghai Airport to Nanyang. The customer came this time for our API sulfamonomethoxine and sulfamonomethoxine sodium. On the 29th, under the leadership of the vice chairman, quality director, and production plant manager, our company took customers to visit the production workshops of sulfamonomethoxine and sulfamonomethoxine sodium, and explained the production process, workshop management system, etc. to customers in details. Customers are more recognized by our company's corporate culture and production management. They proposed to send samples for confirmation first, and then consider placing orders after confirmation.

Our main product, Sulfamonomethoxine Sodium, has been registered in Japan before and has already gained a certain reputation in the Japanese market. We look forward to the success of this cooperation!