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Welcome the Bethanechol Chloride client from India

Time : 2018-04-10 Hits : 414

On April 09,2018, an Indian pharmaceutical client came to our factory to audit the API Bethanechol Chloride. Our this product is exclusively produced in China, and the quality standards have reached USP level.

Our company not only took customers to Tianhua Pharmaceutical, the production base of Bethanechol Chloride, but also visited Libang Pharmaceutical and Quanyu Pharmaceutical. The chairman of our company, Mr. Wang Feng, personally received the customer in the group headquarters office, and conducted in-depth discussions with the customer on the past, current situation and future of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, and learned about the situation of the Indian pharmaceutical industry from the customer. I believe 2 APIs Pharmaceutical experts from 2 strong pharmaceutical countries will definitely be able to collide with different sparks.