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Nicarbazine Premix

Nicarbazine Premix

paghingalan8% / 25%
packing25kg / bag   
Panahon sa deliverySulod sa mga adlaw nga 30
Mode sa pagbayadMausab
Abilidad sa paghatag100T/bulan


【Veterinary drug name】 Common name: Nicarbazine premix

【Main ingredient】Nicarbazine 

【Specification】25% Nicarbazine premix

【Appearance】 Yellow powder.

【Pharmacologic action】 Nicarbaizne is a broad-spectrum anticoccidial drug, preventing coccidiosis caused by seven main
  strains of Eimeria coccidium such as E.tenella, E.necareix, E.maxima, E.acervulina in broilers.It stops the development of the
  second schizont generation and the   peak of action is on the fourth day of Eimeria life cycle. It used to prevent coccidiosis of
  broilers and turkeys.

【Indication】Used for chicken coccidiosis. 

【Usage and Dosage】Thoroughly mix 500g of this product in 1000kg chicken feed.

【Precautions】Don`t be used in high-temperature season.

                              Don`t feed to laying hens and breeding chickens.

【Panahon sa pag-withdraw】 4 ka adlaw sa wala pa ihawon

【Storage】Preserve in well closed containers.