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Nanyang Tianhua dia tonga tao amin'ny CPHI CHINA 2017

Fotoana: 2017-06-24 Hits: 63

On June 20, 2017, "The 17th world pharmaceutical raw materials CHINA exhibition" (CPHI CHINA) was held in Shanghai new international expo center. As an annual industry event, CPHI CHINA exhibition witnessed the international cultivation of Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises in the past 16 years, at the same time, it continued to extend up and down the industry, covering the whole industry chain of the pharmaceutical industry.      

As an professional exhibitor of CPHI -- Nanyang Tianhua Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. appeared. During the exhibition, we focused on promoting our core products Sulfamonomethoxine(sodium),Nicarbazine,Bethanechol Chloride.And demonstrated to each customer the core values of Nanyang Tianhua "Quality first,Client first,Reputation first".

Dingana iray mialoha, mino foana isika fa ny fampirantiana rehetra dia hanana famirapiratana vaovao, ary ny fampirantiana rehetra dia hanana hoavy tsara kokoa!